Nasal fracture healing time.

Patient: My son, age 8 had a nasal bone fracture last week and had a closed reduction procedure done. We are scheduled for a spring break vacation next week. Is it safe for him to play in the pool or go on a water slide if it has been 19 days since the fracture occurred?




Symptoms: Nasal fracture

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query albeit small and very specific.The history says: your son is 8 years old, had closed redu ction for fracture nasal bones. Want to know whether he can play safely in a pool or go on a water slide if it has been 19 days since the fracture occurred.I hope the fracture was reset on the same day it occurred.The healing in children is very fast and it take only 3 weeks for a complete healing, hence if we go by normal pathophysiology of the process of healing he can definitely enjoy a bit with a few precautions like using the safety gear for face, one gets for water sports.Such a small child of 8 would definitely want to enjoy and will be difficult for you to resist him.On a safer side of precaution, I would request you to have a review of the child by an ENT surgeon to check if everything of the internal injury have healed before you leave for the vacation. And I am sure you will refrain him from any activity where there is a chance of a slash on the face.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis, and get a proper further treatment. Please feel free to ask for more or if you need further clarifications if you feel there is a gap of communication.

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