Nasal mucus wormlike

Patient: Dear doctor,i am 25.For few years now, I ave nasal mucus that look like a larva. it comes out when i blow my nose or laugh or cough. it always has the same constant wormlike shape. it is like a round bubble with tail.this stuff comes out of my nose once or twice every dayPlease help. It is so embarassing! what is this thing? and how can i treat it?ps: if this helps with the diagnosis, ┬áI have noticed that i have an allergie to pollin (trees) or insects. my nose starts itching and becomes stuffy whenever a mosquito flies around me or whenever I am around trees….i also have a dry cough whenever I am around smokers or when i smell strong perfumes or strong cleaning products. and i have eczema on my hand due to contact with soap and detergants….Thank youNadine