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Nasal Packing due to Nosebleeds

Patient: I recently had my left nostril cauterized and then had a nasal packing within 2 days. Because my nosebleeds are so out of control, the doctors recommended the nasal packing and for it to stay for 2 days. After the 2 days, they told me to take it out myself, however, I have doubts to because most other patients had their doctors take it out for them. I feel like even with the nasal packing inside my nostril, I’m still bleeding.Could I have anemia because of the blood loss? (also, I haven’t been eating a lot because of my digestive problems). Is the spot where I had my nose cauterization extra sensitive because of the nasal packing? Should I take out the nasal packing myself or get a doctor to do it?



Symptoms: Constipation, black stool (due to swallowing some blood), nausea, constantly light headed, random chills & hot flashes.



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Doctor: Thank you for your question. We would recommend that you visit your doctor to have this nasal packing removed. We unders tand your concerns about bleeding, and if you are experiencing sensitivity in the area, we do not want you to attempt to remove this packing prematurely, and cause further bleeding. A bleed of this kind would not likely cause anemia as it is a small area of bleeding and the blood loss will not be significant enough to cause this. Furthermore, the sensitivity you are experiencing is probably because the packing is soaked, and needs to be changed or removed entirely. Please see your doctor to do so in order to avoid any complications.Thank you for choosing

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Patient: Thank you so much for your response! I actually took it out yesterday morning, I tried to tell my parents that we should see a doctor first, but since we don’t have a primary care taker and the ER doctors recommended it to stay for 2 days, they ruled out that setting an appointment for a doctor would take too long, so they took it out themselves. So far, no issues, but I am still anxious and paranoid that it may bleed again. I have been using antibiotic ointment, but I don’t know how long I should take it for. Anyways, thanks so much for your response!


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