Natural conception without fallopian tubes?

Patient: Is it possible for me to become pregnant, even though i have no fallopian tubes?

Symptoms: nausea, fatigue, late period.

Doctor: Thank you for your queryIt would not be possible for you to become pregnant without the presence of fallopian tubes. T he function of the fallopian tube is to provide a meeting place for the egg & spermatozoa, fusion of them will lead to an embryo formation which is actually the future baby. Apart from providing the environment for fusion it also provides the nutrition for the embryo & helps the gametes & embryo to glide along to reach the destination. The embryo starts to develop in the fallopian tube and passes into the uterine cavity later. If there is a partial obstruction still extra-uterine pregnancy chances are there. But when the tubes itself are absent the chances of a pregnancy are almost remote.Hope that answers your queries.Have a good day.