Natural Test Booster Question

Patient: Hi, I am a healthy 18 (almost 19) year old male and I have been lifting weights for 7 years. I have always been athletic however I appear to be weak. I have small muscles and a small, yet noticeable amount of excess fat. I want to change this and I am considering taking a natural testosterone booster (Natren HGX.)There is not much information online about this product and I am skeptical of the little bit I do find. My question is am I going to have any long lasting side effects from taking a natural test booster? I a freshman in college, but I am planning on transferring next year to play basketball. I don’t only want a stronger, better looking body, I feel like i need it. Any reccomendations help. I really do want to try this product, however I do not want to screw up my body.

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Natural Testosterone boosters are not tested or approved by the FDA or for the safety or t heir ability to increase natural testosterone levels. We do not recommend that you taking this supplement as the long term effects, or safety of it is not entirely known. Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle comprised of exercise and a diet rich in nutrient dense vegetables, fruit and lean protein is a sure fire way of achieving your fitness goals naturally.Thank you for consulting