Nausea and insomnia after consuming small amounts of gin.

Patient: I had a small amount of a mixed drink containing gin and felt completely fine for the next couple of hours after drinking it. Now I cannot go to sleep, felt fairly nauseous (but can’t throw up), have a sort of rapid heart beat, and was shaking a little. I am drinking water to try to help but don’t understand why this is happening, I don’t remember this happening with other mixed drinks, only one other time with a gin drink (again a very small amount). There was no more than a shot of gin in this drink, I am not sure the alcohol content, but it seemed pretty low since it didn’t taste very alcoholic. Any ideas what is happening? Do I seem to have an intolerance to gin? Thank you!

Symptoms: Symptoms: nausea, rapid heart beat, can’t go to sleep, shaking.

Doctor: HiThank you for the question.Alcohol has an adverse effect on health. It is very harmful to your health. For naus ea, both mild and severe, there are a lot of home remedies to keep you moving and working through the day.-The most important thing is to keep your head still.-Lay with your knees bent. This can help ease pain.-Consider trying to kneel on both knees and rest your forehead on a pillow. This might help stretch and rest your body at the same time.-Get up slowly after resting.-Use wet clothes for relaxation.-Take deep breathes.If you do not feel better after 3 days, talk to your Doctor. I hope this will help you. I wish you a speedy recovery.