Nausea and weakness after diabetes diagnois

Patient: Last evening my roommate became extremely nauseous and vomited multiple times over the course of several hours. He went to the emergency room where he was given an IV for dehydration, informed that he has diabetes (his blood sugar read at 309) and sent home with prescriptions for Ondansetron, Ranitidine and Metformin. Today, though he has taken the medications, he has not gotten out of bed all day / eaten nothing / barely had anything to drink. He tells me that he is too nauseous and weak to get out of bed and I am concerned – I am sure it is very difficult for him to try, but my feeling is that if he continues down this path he will become even weaker and more dehydrated. Should I continue to advise him to try to get up and move about even though it may be very uncomfortable for him? He is a 33 year old male.

Symptoms: Nausea, weakness