Nauseated and just sick and tired

Patient: I have been feeling nauseated, back hurting and when I have sex with the hubby it feels like he’s pushing something inside me and it was uncomfortable I just had an irregular menstrual cycle it was maybe two days and then some spotting here and there

Doctor: You have been complaining of uncomfortable sex, medically termed as Dyspareunia. Dyspareunia is seen in many conditions like vaginismus, deeper penetration upto cervix, uterine tumors, vaginal or venereal infections, uterine anomalies, cuts or injuries in genial region, etc. Since you had irregular periods with spotting, it could be due to infections, uterine or ovarian disorders causing menstrual abnormalities or cut in genital region. First you need to be examined in detail, followed by few investigations like pap smear, Ultrasound of pelvis, etc to diagnose the reason of dyspareunia in your condition and treated accordingly. Consult a gynecologist at the earliest for the detailed plan of treatment at the earliest to avoid further complications like infertility, anemia, psychological issues with spouse, etc.