Neck and back issues

Patient: For years I have dealt with low back pain and upper back and neck pain. What is really bothering me is about 2 months ago I was having an issue with pain in both regions especially the neck. I went to my MD who is a DO and he tried adjusting it, helped a little but couldn’t get my neck to loosen up. Went back a few days later and finally got my neck to loosen up but still is not great. When I saw him a 3rd time got a little better but what really bothers me is my neck constantly cracks on the left side, I have pain that runs in neck down my shoulder , a little down arm, goes up behind left ear and into ear and into the back of my head. Also sometimes I get like a hot feeling in that area that last for awhile. It feels like to the left of my spine, on neck, sometimes it feels like a lump there. Dr feels it’s just really tight and maybe due to stress but its scares me how it hurts up into my ear and head and this never goes away no matter what I do even sleeping at night if I turn just right it really starts to hurt. Then the lower back, also more so on the left, after sitting on a chair or even driving the car after a short time I get a pain that will go down the leg and sometimes in the groin area or pain goes from hip, down leg and into knee. I’ll get pain when I’m bent over pulling weeds or bending over the dog when brushing him (big dog) . Even bent over for a couple minutes when I straighten out I’ll have pain that is around my whole middle section from around the belly button down to groin area that will last for a long time. On a pain scale when I get that pain would be a 9 to 10. Wondering if my neck pain and back pain are something to be worried about , should I maybe have an X-Ray, MRI or scan to make sure something isn’t really wrong. I’ve been constantly taking ibuprofen for months, even years. When I sit for even 5 – 10 minutes when I get up I can hardly walk, I’m all bent over and it takes many steps to get going. I’m only 57 and feel like I’m 97. I’m about 25 lbs. overweight but active and always cleaning, yard work and many other things. I’m not lazy but the way my back and neck hurt it’s starting to really make me slow down and not do near the things I use to.

Symptoms: Neck and back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your neck and back pain are affecting your day to day activity, and for this reason we reco mmend that you continue following up with your doctor for further evaluation. It would indeed be wise to have the full gamut of diagnostic investigations performed including x ray, MRI, and testing your blood for serological markers of inflammation. Its possible that this pain may be due to arthritis, irritation of the nerves, or stiffness and strains of the muscles. Further examination and testing is required. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting