Neck injury- help advice

Patient: HELP? PLZ ?! last week i did barbell squats and i did it wrong by putting to much pressure on my upper neck. When i finished my set i severly hurt my neck. so i took a few days off the gym for recovery. When i started again which was 2 days after, i was working on back and biceps and started doing my first workout which was wide grip lat pull down i smashed out 8-10 rep great insenity perfect control great posture and i did it in frontwards coming down to my chin but after that 1st set my neckfelt like it got hit by a baseball bat, it? really started to hurt bad and the pain later went to the back of my skull my question is how do i get my neck better so i can start working out propely agaiin if i need rest how long?? or some sort of painkillers??