Neck or back injury due to a fall

Patient: I fell last winter on my right side at the back I hit the corner of something..took it easy.. went awayI played volleyball and pulled my left arm far behind me..took it easy.. never went away but only hurt when my arm was behind or above megolfed all summer.. no problemStarted physio on my arm in September.and also underwent IMS… since then there is tingling in my left arm, burning on top of left handsometimes can barely hold a cup.. now my right arm is doing the same thing..Also.. my left and right leg thigh and calf muscles now ache in the morning as well as my left and right biceps..My neck is also always tightMy arms,hands fall asleep at night (never before)If someone bumps me accidentally the pain in (whatever area) is excruciating..Had an xray and ultrasound of left shoulder.. nothing..Every day I feel Like I got hit by a truck and prior to this I was in perfect health, active, but not a workout person..I am scheduled for an MRI.. but the doctor (I don’t have a regular doctor she is from a clinic).. is doing it on my left shoulder despite my feeling that it is a neck or spine problem from my initial fall…Also as a matter of interest.. not sure if it matters, but my aunt was diagnosed with ALS last year.. no other health problems in the family..What is the right things I should be telling the doctor here?? I always feel as if they aren’t listening or think I want pain meds, when in actuality I have taken nothing other than Advil and a muscle relaxant at the beginning.. but nothing for months now..