Neck Pain that wont go away causes headaches cant sleep on sides anymore

Patient: I have had bad neck pain for about 3 weeks now, its so bad I have to take a pain killer to remove the pain temporarily but the weird thing is it only on one side of my neck left side goes up to my skull causes a small heache close by my ear I also cannot sleep on my sides anymore or the pain becomes unbareable so I have to sleep on my back which I cant really do because I stop breathing

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The source of your neck pain could be due to strained muscles of the neck. This can be caus ed by poor posture, sudden traumatic injury like in a motor vehicle accident, or even due to sleeping on a pillow that does not adequately support your neck. The headaches associated with your neck pain is likely due to your strained neck muscles. Since this has been happening for three weeks now, it would be best to have your doctor examine your neck to make sure there are no severe underlying injuries to the cervical spine which require further treatment. In the meantime, in addition to analgesic medication you can apply a heating pad to your neck to loosen the muscles and assist in alleviating the pain. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting