Neck pain when doing push ups

Patient: This needs a short intro. I have been doing push ups since quite a time. Someone told me to do push ups while looking in the front. Eventually, that led to a situation that now while I complete 25-27 reps my neck starts hurting. Today, it was such severe pain that I thought I’d fallen out for about a minute or two. Is there any solution ? Does this mean I can’t do pushups my whole life ?

Doctor: Appropriated  technique is very important for the push ups, because this exercise works many muscles at the same time, , and if you use a wrong technique can easily cause injury in the muscles of the neck or shoulder. The pain that you described in your neck muscles following a set of pushups may indicate a strain in the neck muscles, or in more serious cases, a sprain. During both the downward and upward phases of the pushup, keep your head aligned with your spine. If you crank up your neck during these phases, or if you allow your neck to hang, you may cause strain or injury to the neck muscles. Keep your jaw relaxed during both phases. As an added precaution, perform the pushup with your elbows squeezed against your ribs. This modification transfers some of the force away from the shoulder joint to the triceps, which may in turn alleviate some of the spasms in your neck.