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Need advice on what kind of Dr to see

Patient: I had Bacterial Meningitis about 6 years ago since then I have developed these symptoms:FatigueBlurry visionAchy joints muscles . flu like symptoms lasting 3-7 daysSwallowing difficulties ( food sticking in my throat/chest)Either diarrhea or constipationCough mainly when I lay downAbdominal painDizzinessRinging in my earsPain at base of skullPressure in chestTingling in lips and faceEvery once in a while, severe shooting- pain in my inner thighsHips feel out of joint and achy down to my kneesFeeling of not really being hereTongue not working rightForget what I’m saying as I’m talkingIrritableIntolerance to heat or coldSleeping only a few hours at night. Some I started developing about a year after and others have started happening within the last year. The flu like symptoms happen every month and a half to 2 months. I’m tired of going through this could you please give me an idea what it could be. My CBC and thyroid always come back normal.



Symptoms: Symptoms
Blurry vision
Achy joints muscles . flu like symptoms lasting 3-7 days
Swallowing difficulties ( food sticking in my throat/chest)
Either diarrhea or constipation
Cough mainly when I lay down
Abdominal pain
Ringing in my ears
Pain at base of skull
Pressure in chest
Tingling in lips and face
Every once in a while, severe shooting
– pain in my inner thighs
Hips feel out of joint and achy down to my knees
Feeling of not really being here
Tongue not working right
Forget what I’m saying as I’m talking
Intolerance to heat or cold
Sleeping only a few hours at night



Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are suffering from repeated viral or bacterial infections. It is po ssible that the cause of this could be due a compromised immune system which is making you more prone to repeated infections. Certain autoimmune disease lead to increased risk of repeated infections. At this point, further testing, and examination is required to determine the cause of these infection. It is very important that you are first evaluated and treated for your current presenting symptoms. Once this is done, you will need to under go blood testing to investigate for autoimmune serological markers that may point towards an immunodeficiency disease which is increasing your risk of infection.Causes of such immunodeficiency disease could be genetically inherited but you would have presented with symptoms earlier in your life, not after your bout of meningitis. It is also possible your increased infections may be due to the presence of a sexually transmitted disease called AIDS which is caused by the HIV virus. We do not tell you this to alarm you but, without extensive knowledge of your medical history, we want you to consider STD testing to determine if this is the case. Please see your doctor immediately.Thank you for consulting


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