Need help

Patient: Hello, i am 39 years old male living in Jordan (Middle East) who have been having BA since 35 years, recently (since to years) it was very hard on me because i have been getting asthma attacks every day and some times more than three times a day i even have been into hospital for more than 30 times and i have been intubated 7 times each the length between 5 to 16 daysits getting hard and hard, i cant live my life normal again i even cant work, i tried all medication such as (inhalers, kortizon, aminophillin) and all kind of medication, i even tried MTX (Kemo) i dont know if you can help and since that time i now have muscle atrophy and muscle weakness in my lower part … if so please email me back on com am ready to provide you with all reports you need