Patient: history, I am looking for a answer to abdomen pain high and low on left side,pelvic pressure comes and goes, BM are hard have urge there is nothing there not constipated just lack of waste,hip has shape pain

Symptoms: need an answer..can not sleep in pain abdominal left side high stomach and low groin, diabetic type 2, hip pain sharp, pain pelvic pressure, lower back pain L5 S1 mri showed a mass growing inside vertebe dark shadow also showed a fracture should be held now this pain is driving me crazy its been a year this April


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Patient: I have no health insurance , money is tight, and I need answers! The pain is driving me crazy…I can not sleep. My Doctor has really taken his time and is dragging things out it will be a year this April. In one week I went threw a MRI, MRI with contrast , CT, and a Bone Density the Doctor has given me tramadol it did not touch the pain, now its valium and the pain is still there, He wants me to go to a pain clinic to have injections on nerves. I have abdominal pain high and low on the left side, pelvic pressure , sharp hip pain on my left side it goes travel to the left when out of control, I am so restless I can not sit stand sleep walk to roll over in bed is crazy I feel like someone is tearing me apart, sitting up and to center my weight on my buttocks is over the top. This has been going on for so long I now have chest pain…what do I do?