Need help on what to do about my birth control

Patient: Im 18 years old, I got the iud birth control 5 years ago. I’ve never stopped having complications with it.. between pain, constant cramping, rapid weight loss (which I have yet been able to gain back in 5 years) I’ve been pushing 90 pounds for a good few months now which is better than the 79 pounds i have been for 3 years. I’ve been to my family doctor now several times due to my pain and really irregular periods, they sent me for tons of blood work before sending me to a local gynecologist, who told me it got infected.. so he gave me medication to help it and told me to come back in a few weeks to have it removed. so i did, just for them to tell me that the infection isn’t going away and there was no way to take it out. My mom and i weren’t satisfied seeing as I’ve lost everything because of this method of birth control, so we went to a hospital hoping for a better answer, they did a bunch of tests and told me ive been urinating my white blood count, and told me my body will shut down trying to fight this infection due to all of my white blood cells leaving my body without fighting the infection. So now, i’m stuck… i’m scared.. and i have no help or no clue on what im supposed to do from here. My gynecologist wont take it out, but my doctor at the hospital said i could die if i don’t have it removed and now im at the the 5 year point of needing it to be removed.. i really need help and a suggestion or anything