Need help to focus, and get energy back

Patient: Recently all my body and mind wants to do is sleep. I have lost most motivation. Before I could wake up early in the morning on a work day and be completely fine. But now when I wake up I can barely get up before I HAVE to. I go to bed at a decent time and get 6-8 hrs of sleep. Doesn’t seem to be enough and I have no energy. I have never felt like this before. Always use to be on top of everything. Always had energy and very happy. My mind tends to go to all negative thoughts all the time and i lose focus at work. I cry before work every morning. Everyday for no reason. When I know that I love my job and that I am in a good place. Is there a vitamin or recommendation to give me more motivation and maybe not be in such a dark place?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your symptoms lead us to believe that you are experiencing a mental illness called depressi on. This is what could be causing your lack of motivation, crying, low energy, and negative thoughts. Depression could be due to a combination of emotional problems along with chemical imbalances within the brain. These depressive episodes can last for weeks to months. It is important that you seek medical attention for this in order to assist you in overcoming this. You may need to be prescribed a short term course of anti-depressive medication just to overcome your current symptoms. As far as alternative treatments for your depression, exercise and a healthy diet have been show to improve mood and over all well being. In fact, during exercise, a naturally occurring analgesic (pain reliever) called endorphins are released within the brain which elicit a sense of well being. It is also possible that combined with a healthy diet, you can take a B vitamin complex supplement to assist in improving your mood. In fact your primary care physician can provide you with b12 injections if, after examining you they decide you may be benefitted from them. If at any moment you get feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or end your life, we recommend that you call a family member or go to your nearest emergency department immediately. Suicidal ideation is very common in depression and is a symptom of worsening of this mental illness. We hope you feel better.Thank you for choosing