Need medical advice regarding a patient

Patient: Higood morning to you dear doctors…my wife was bitten on 1/11/2014 by a stray dog (suspected must have been infected by rabies) in the morning around 6.40 am & the wound was washed with soap for about 5 mints from running water. & immediately was taken to the doctor & ARS was vaccinated to the wound around 8.15 am. after the wound was dressed & ARV was given to either side of the hand around 10.30 am.after as per doctors advice, was instructed to get the patient vaccinated on 3/11/14, 7/11/14 & 1/12/2014 respective for the patient safe now ? (as of now the last vaccination 1/12/14 is pending)also if we had sex during the 1st day of dog bite (after the 1st ARS & ARV was vaccinated) was it safe ?Man(colombo)

Symptoms: Patient is currently having a Flem