Need more feeling in vagina

Patient: Is there a way to get more feeling in the vagina. I had a partial hysterectomy seven years ago and I’ve just became sexually active again after 20 years and hardly have any feeling when having sex

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The decreased sensation in you vagina could be due to age as well as having had a partial h ysterectomy in the past. This causes decreases in feminine hormones which are responsible for the over health and functioning of the female reproductive system. There may be some medications that can help you, such as sildenifil citrate (Viagra), however we do not want to suggest them prematurely without encouraging you to see your gynaecologist to determine what could be the exact cause of your symptoms. It is possible that the hysterectomy could have caused damaged to sensory nerves of the vagina. Furthermore, advanced age, and menopause can cause decreased vaginal sensation as well. We recommend that you proceed with consulting your gynaecology for further evaluation.Thank you for choosing