Need more help with controlling depression

Patient: My boyfriend (age 30) has been dealing with depression since age 6 he has tried to end his life twice. He says things about wishing he could just be normal in his head. He gets very distant and says he has no friends (i believe he does this to himself) We have been dating for 8 months I am a very caring women I tell him everyday how great he is I know I help him alot! His mother says he’s never been more happy then he is with me. We live in different states so I worry about him everyday… his grandmother committed suicide when his mother was young, his mother is bipolar and is well controlled with medications he’s takes meds also but unfortunately he is still very depressed he said the doctor has changed his meds 10 times in 2 years… the medications he is on now are as followed… Clonazepam 0.5 1 2xaday Lexapro 20 1 every morning Bupropion hydrochiaride hlx xl extended release tablets 300 1 every morning Is there’s something more we can do?