Need ob/gym help, I have epilepsy, 3 weeks pregnant. Cant i have c section?

Patient: Hi im 34 weeks pregnant and currently seeing an ob/gyn she is extremely rude i have a fair few medical problems ie epilepsy, low platelets, endo, poly ov, and a whole lot more… my baby is breech and she is still telling me that i cant have a c section is this right, wouldnt my epilepsy n have seizures be the biggest concern




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Epilepsy itself is not a indication for cesarean section but proper intake of antiepileptic drugs and prevention of seizures are important.During giving anesthesia either in cesarean section or in normal delivery (if you prefer delivery under epidural anesthesia), you have to inform the anesthetist about your medicines and history of epilepsy.Low platelet count can lead to severe bleeding either in cesarean section or in normal delivery, correction of low platelet count is a must before planning for delivery.Usually first pregnancy with breech presentation is a indication for cesarean section nowadays.Before planning for mode of delivery all these points to be considered and safest mode for mother and baby should be choosed.Take care.

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