September 24, 2018

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Need pain relief for Runner’s Knee other than heating pad.

Patient: I have Runner’s Knee that pops up sporadically. The only relief I get is from applying a heating pad, but I can’t do that indefinitely. What else can I do to alleviate the pain?



Symptoms: Pain on interior of patella.



Doctor: Thank you for your question. The best way to address this pain is to determine if you have suffered any severe injury to the knee joint. This can occur due to the accumulated impact of running. Possible injuries that can occur are injuries to various ligaments of the knee, or tendinitis of the patellar tendon, or even a partial or complete tear of this tendon. In order to make sure you do not have any severe injuries, you would be best served by having your doctor examine this area and perform a diagnostic MRI of your knee. This will allow your doctor to make the best possible diagnosis. We advise you to refrain from strenuous, high impact, activity which could exacerbate your knee pain. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting


Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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