Need solution to bloody nose

Patient: Not sure this is the right catorgory. My son, l0 has a bloody nose. It bleed for awhile. What do I do to relieve the bleeding. He does have allergies, but right now his nose is bleeding at lot.

Doctor: His nose bleeds are most likely related to his allergies. To prevent future nose bleeds he should take regular allergy m edications to control allergy symptoms which will also control his nose bleeds. When a nose bleed does occur you should do the following:Pinch the fleshy portion of the nose between the Index finger and thumbPlace ice in the mouthOver-the-counter products such as quikClotIf these measures fail to control the bleeding within 20 minutes you should then take your son to the Emergency Room. Depending on the severity of the nose bleed, several methods can be employed to arrest the bleeding including nasal sprays or packing the nasal cavity with gauze.