Need some answers

Patient: HELLO : IN 1993 I HAVE MY TUBS CUT AND TIED AND BURNED after my son was born he is my 3 rd child : in 1998 i did have a miscarriage.but yrs ago im pretty sure i had another one because it felt the same 20011 my periods were at the end of the month but now its at the beginnings of the month and since Jan.2012. its only a day in half im not sure if that’s normal or what.they are only spotting and light pink and little brown..few days before i get my period my boobs are really sore and tender .my stomach gets like im getting the flu..if i see different foods i just wanna get sick..i get really tired and drained out a lot i would go to bed at 10 or 11 pm and im up early to see my husband off to work and then i would go back to bed till 11am then by 3pm i gotta take a nap then it would start all over..and a lot of heart burn my doctor doesn’t know why i feel like this ..they tell me lay off on the coffee and that but i don’t drink coffee or tea don’t smoke or drugs or drink. i do drink a lot of orange juice and Pepsi and apple juice..someone please help .