Need specifics on levels of aplastic anemia

Patient: I would like to know what the specifics are for moderate, difficult or severe aplastic anemia

Symptoms: None right now

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Patients with AA commonly present with anemia and hemorrhage and, more rarely infection.Below are given the specific of classification of Aplastic Anemia (AA)This classification is of prognostic relevance and has an influence on therapeutic proceduresMAA = Moderate Aplastic Anemia also called as nSAA (Non-severe AA)Neutrophils < 1.0 G/L /Platelets < 50 G/LReticulocytes < 20 G/LSAA = Severe Aplastic AnemiaNeutrophils < 0.5 G/LPlatelets < 20 G/LReticulocytes < 20 G/LvSAA = Very severe Aplastic AnemiaNeutrophils < 0.2 G/L*Platelets < 20 G/LReticulocytes < 20 G/LI hope this answers your query.