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Patient: So my doctor prescribed me Paroxetine and diazepam, because I was having panic attacks. The thing is I had some drinks two days before, and I’m having some trouble stopping drinking, because I have been drinking 2 days in the row and my hangover is unberable Usually after heavy drinking I cannot sleep, I’m having delirous nightmares, they feel so real that basically I consider it to be reality not a dream and half of the time i’m awake because hangover doesn’t let me sleep. Also I’m sweating heavily, reallly heavily, the bed might be less wet if i would piss myself. Also I’m feeling so weak that i can barely lift my hand And brain feels like dying. The only way that proves to avoid this terrible feeling is to drink more alcohol, which makes me feel sober, but the problem is that I need to go to work, also study and I need to stop drinking. I would like to know are there any natural ways to lessen my unbarable hangover which I believe might kill me, maybe some herbs or anything. Also I know that in first place I shouldn’t have started drinking but whats done can’t be undone. I went to hospital this morning, but the only thing they ddid was inject some more diazepam witch made me sleep few hours and wake up feeling even worse.

Symptoms: Confusion,Delirium

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.You are mixing alcohol with Diazepam and SSRI like Paroxetine. This can cause exces sive difficulty in sleeping and can even cause you nightmares as well as excessive sedation.I suppose, your doctor has prescribed you Diazepam to fight with alcohol withdrawals. Diazepam should never be combined with Alcohol.I would advise you to see to a Deaddiction specialist. There are natural no ways to prevent a hangover.We have 3 stages of actions in treatment plan:1. Detoxification: Stopping alcohol completely. Now, this can result in withdrawal symptoms like seizures, hallucinations, delirium tremens (DT).2. Rehabilitation: This involves counseling and medications to prevent withdrawal and cravings.3. Maintenance: This is support, which often includes regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and counselling.Benzodiazepines are used to treat withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and poor sleep but this doesn’t mean that you will mix alcohol with these drugs.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy

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