Need urgent attention

Patient: I have been masturbating after 1 year of puberty once in a day but now i have controlled it to once in a week or twice a day can my body be cured or not and have a better erection for sex life

Symptoms: No

Doctor: Welcome To Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.I must tell you that Masturbation is harmless. It doesn’t harm yo u anyway. It doesn’t cause any erectile dysfunction or any impotence.The only harm it does is that if you do it excessively it distracts you from your other works. Another harm it can do is to your Psychology by a constant thinking of guilt that can affect your sexual performance.However, excess if everything is bad, you should remember that.It has nothing to do with the symptoms that you are experiencing.Stop thinking about this. Keep your Masturbation activity in moderation. It won’t harm you anyway.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy