Needing advice about my ankle please:)

Patient: Hi there,I think I sprained my ankle about a week ago and about two days ago I was walking and my ankle seized up and has been grinding. It is quite painful but I am able to weight bear and there is no bruising. I have moderate swelling though. What could this be?

Symptoms: Swollen painful ankle

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.There is a possibility of ligament tear at the sight of the injury. This coul d lead to swelling and pain with weight bearing. But it is essential to rule out the more serious causes of the swelling like Fracture / Tendon damage etc. I recommend a visit to an Orthopedic. Diagnosis would involve Xray of the ankle. After careful detailed history and Physical examination, the physician would suggest rest and immobilization for a few weeks. Avoiding strain is the most crucial part of the recovery. Treatment would include pain management and Ice therapy.Hope this information was useful.