Needing advice on supplements

Patient: Hi I am a 28 yo. I was recently shot in the back with a high caliber firearm, resulting in multiple surgeries involving my small intestine and colon. When I awoke from the induced coma, I had lost a lot of wieght . I gavemyself four months to heal and decided I wanted to take the opportunity to rebuild healthier. I began taking supplements and working out. My question is about the supplements. Dhea 25 mg magnesium 250 mg resveratrol 250 mg ,d3 ,omega 3 ,b12, Body fortress test booster, body fortress super nos , six star nutrition creatine x3 , hydro whey protein and ensure. I am no enchroconologist and wonder if this combination needs an addition or subtraction thanks for the help.

Symptoms: Libido is high and A little more confrontational nothing dangerous though

Doctor: Thank you for your question. These are indeed a lot of supplements that you are taking. Most of these are relatively saf e to take if your doctor has approved of them, and if taken within the recommended daily dosage without exceeding. These specific supplements include, magnesium, D3, B12, and omega 3.The rest of your supplements are specific brands/formulations to which we do not have specific information on. We can neither support or deny the claims made by these supplements and we recommend that you take these at your own risk. The best thing we can advise you to do, is to try to obtain all your nutrients from natural whole foods in your daily diet. Such foods include dark green leafy vegetables, fruit, lean protein and complex carbohydrates.Thank you for choosing