Needing answer from a gynecologist/Obstetric about a specific case.

Patient: I have had a cornual ectopic pregnancy with right tube removed and wedge of the cornual removed 2 years ago.Can a successful pregnancy with no complications can still happen after this ?Thank you !Josephine

Symptoms: Fear/stress

Doctor: The chances of conceiving after an ectopic pregnancy and loss of a tube are roughly 60 – 70% according to most studies d one on ectopic pregnancies. Out of these pregnancies roughly 90 percent are in the womb or intrauterine whereas around 10 percent could be a recuurent ectopic pregnancy.In any case, these are just statistics and the fear and stress of an ectopic pregnancy must not hold you back from trying to conceive. Instead of taking stress, the right thing to do would be to visit a gynecologist or local doctor or early pregnancy clinic as soon as you have conceived so that you may ensure that there has been no recurrence of an ectopic pregnancy. During early pregnancy. a combination of ultrasound scans as well as serial hCG measurements can be used to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.As you already must have experienced, ectopic pregnancy is associated with a high chance of internal haemorrhage if it ruptures and this can be life threatening. Early detection makes tackling an ectopic pregnancy less dreadful and more manageable.Do not take stress and let nature take its own course.