Needs some guidance and clarification.

Patient: Hi. I recently had found out I was pregnant using several different tests also one being the clear blue saying I was only 1-2 weeks pregnant. I began to cramp and went to the ER and there they dome a urine test which turned out negative on their end, so they just bluntly stated that I was probably having an eearlymisxarriage. They than did a pelvic exam on me and ssaid my cervix was still closed. I than left and the following day began to cramp again aand began to bleed heavily which lasted only 5 days. I have had a positive blood serum testing and hcg level shown at 4.85 as of thursday. I’m so confused what do u think?

Symptoms: Pregnancy, bleeding and cramping

Doctor: Hello,If the blue dye test showed positivity and moreover the serum beta hcg test which is more sensitive and specifi c showed a level higher than 1 , it implies that you were pregnant for sure. This could have secondarily been confirmed by a transvaginal ultrasound to look for endometrial thickness and decidual reaction.Now as you had heavy bleeding with cramps and which lasted for 5 days , it is likely that you have had an abortion for an early pregnancy. It is imperative to repeat an ultrasound again now , to check for any retained products of conception and further completion of abortion.Also a repeat serum hcg level may be done after a week of bleeding to look for levels less than 1 which shall confirm completion as well.Please visit your physician and discuss the options further and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards