Negative HPT but still Pregnant?

Patient: Is it possible to be pregnant even though the hpt test are coming back negative? I am currently 2 weeks late and have been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms.

Symptoms: Missed/late period (9 days), enlarged and sore breasts, darken areolas, mild cramping, increased discharge

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for writing to ATD.Pregnancy symptoms as popularly described a vague cluster of symptoms that can occ ur in a variety of other illnesses such as viral fevers, gastroenteritis, stress etc.Delayed menses can occur owing to various reasons other than pregnancy such as stress, weight fluctuations, polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid illnesses, lack of sleep, strenuous physical activities etc.You did the right thing by taking a pregnancy test. These tests are around 99 percent reliable in detecting a pregnancy.Now that the tests are negative, I suggest that you wait for a week or two for the onset of your periods. Delay of a week or two may just be a normal variation of your body rhythm and most gynecologists will not treat a delay of one or two weeks. If the period of absent periods exceeds 2 months, you may consult with a gynecologist regarding the same. He/she will examine you and mostly advise you progesterone containing hormonal preparations to induce withdrawal periods.Hope this helps.