Negative pregnancy result – can it be affected by Cerazette?

Patient: I have been on Cerazette for 6 months now, without a period. I went to my doctor to get a repeat prescription of the contraceptive and she took my blood pressure – which was so high she nearly didn’t give me the next few months worth. She did give me three months worth but because of my high blood pressure (due to the stress we’ve been under lately) the Dr said to use condoms as well because the effectiveness of the pill could be compromised. My partner and I have been using condoms since then – July 19th – until 2 weeks ago, when we had unprotected sex twice. The last fortnight I have had cramping in my lower abdomen, my breasts have been very tender (and have grown 2 inches in a month!), i have been having several nightmares a night, mood swings, frequent urination, hot flushes and bursting into tears for no real reason. I have taken a home pregnancy test which has shown negative, but feel the same way I did when pregnant with our daughter – now 23 months. Can Cerazette cause a false negative?Thank you x