Negative Tests, Missing Period

Patient: Stopped using BC (LoSeasonique) 5 months because we are trying to conceive. Periods have hovered around 25 days. This cycle is now 35 days and I have tested everyday, all negative. I did have a small amount of spotting 2 days ago but no period. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? When should I go get a blood test?

Symptoms: Tender breasts, nausea, dizziness, tired

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is advised that for opt for a blood test for βhCG as soon as possible and go for a qu antitative analysis. If it is positive for pregnancy get hormonal analysis for estrogen and progesterone as well and meet the doctor, who may prescribe if any supplementation is required based on the reports and scan. Sometimes occasionally periods may become delayed and scanty due to certain changes in the body as a result of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can be due to stress, strain or lifestyle changes etc. Symptoms you have quoted look more likely of an early conception.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day