Nerve damage after labrum repair?

Patient: Dr. I had labrum repair of my right shoulder and an open mumford performed due to impingment in 2006. I had pain for a long time. The pain is less now but I’m having pain radiating down my right arm and numbess and pain in my right hand and fingers. Sleeping is becoming harder. I know that they used some kind of wire in the procedure. Could that have shifted somehow? What can be happening?

Doctor: The symptoms you have described are typical of nerve injury or compression.However, it is not clear as to what may be ca using this nerve compression. I note in your medical history that you have cervical spine disease for which you have had to have injections to stop the symptoms. It is possible that this problem has recurred and is the cause of the pain radiating down your upper limb. Likewise, the nerves could be compressed from scar tissue which ahas occurred at the level of your shoulder following you labrum repair. You will need a thorough examination by an orthopedic surgeon as well as xrays of the neck and shoulder and a CT scan and/or MRI. These investigation will help to identify the level of compression of the nerve and then a treatment can be made.