Neurofibroma all details already provided. Mail me please as soon as possible. Thank you

Patient: Hye, i am koma (23years old). When i was born, i’ve two large spots on my body, one is on leg and other one is on my back but with the passage of time it increased. Now these spots are all over on my body, on some parts its in small size and somewhere its in large size. And when i was 12years old another problem occurred, It was swelling on my cheek (left side, between eye and ear).this swelling sometime too increased.In all my reports ( C.T Scan, MRI, MAR) doctors diagnosed i’ve Hemangioma. Doctors suggest me for surgery. Four months ago, i operated & after biopsy it was diagnosed NEUROFIBROMA not Hemangioma. After operate it is same like before surgery. Now i want to ask what should i do? i am really tense. Also tell me is it genetic disease.After marriage can it be transfer into my childs????? If you can say i’ll mail you all my reports.