New breakthrough bleeding while on oral contraceptive

Patient: Hi! Female question – I’ve been on the same oral contraceptive for 5 years with no problems. Two weeks ago, in the middle of my pill pack, my period started – and 14 days later, hasn’t stopped. I take my pills religiously and haven’t missed any. I skipped my placebo pills in hopes that it would stop, but apparently that didn’t work! Any suggestions? And should I look into a different method of BC?

Symptoms: New breakthrough bleeding/irregular menses on birth control pills

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryIf this bleeding has happened for the first time, you may wish to observe the pattern next 3 cycles. There was no need to stop placebo pills as they will alter your pill cycle if you do that.The bleeding could be a hormonal imbalance, kindly see a gynecologist for an examination.An ultrasound may be needed. The doctor may wish to give you medications to stop the bleeding and also give you other hormonal supplements. If the same symptom persists for the next cycles as well, then we may have to change the birth controlHope this helped.Regards