New symptoms

Patient: Hello.I am a normally healthy 40 year old woman.I am experiencing some new symtoms, since three days ago. They are: tingling and numbness in fingers, swollen legs and ankles, severe lower back pain as well as leg pain and spasms, stiff neck and sore shoulders. All over body aches and pains. When I stand up afeter sitting or driving I can hardly walk. In the mornings I can hardly get out of bed. The pain is becoming very dibilitating. I have not done anything strenuous, sports or exercise. I have no way to explain why I feel like I have stepped into a hundred year old womans body but it is scaring me. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. It may be relevant that I was diagnosed with depression and insomnia several years ago and take medication to assist with both. Perhaps I have been misdiagnosed? Thank you for your help.

Doctor: In the view of the sudden onset and severity of the symptoms, I strongly recommendВ  that you go to your PCP and get a В c  comprehensive clinical and lab evaluation to rule out an infectious or other metabolic problem.