Newly married and want to know the different methods of birth control.

Patient: I m 30 years old woman.Just married.Dont want child for a year.Whats the best contraceptive .Dont want the pill.Any injection would do?

Doctor: There are injectible methods of contraception ie the Depo provera which is progesterone which is injected intramuscularl y every 12-14 weeks. The common side effect to this method is irregular periods for the first few months . Also it is important to note that restoration of fertility may take upto 1-2 year and if you do want to get pregnant in a years time this would not be the best method for you. There are also other methods like the hormonal patch, diaphragm, Intrauterine device etc which you could explore. I would advice you to go talk to your GP in person for a more personalised plan for you. I wish you all the best.