Nexplanon/Implant Implications? Or serious problem?

Patient: Hi, i am a 19yr old student living away from home/my gp, who cannot get through to the university doctor service. i have the nexplanon implant in my arm and it is my second, the first i had for 3 years and this one for just under half a year. I have had various problems since i had the new one implanted.firstly: i have woken up with a white bump on the implant twice which is extremely itchy yet will go after a few hours,secondly: when i had a sinus infection, i had coughed up an unusual amount of blood clots in the back of my throat,thirdly: i have been on and off an unusual period (mostly on) for just over a month now, it gets worse after sex, the first time i started was after painful sex,fourth: i get constant bladder infections when i drink alcohol – although this may not be to do with it,lastly: when i had my old implant i got unusual marks on my inner thighs that would not go away with a glass, yet these disappeared after a month or so and i have not thought about it since,i am wondering whether the implant is causing more trouble than its worth as i dont have sex as much as i used to due to a long distant relationship. advice/ a proffesional opinion would be much appreciated. thankyou

Symptoms: Mentioned in above question