Nexplanon is making me feel like I am pregnant and I’m not

Patient: I am currently on Nexplanon. It is making me feel like I am pregnant and I’m not. I have taken multiple test. What is a better method of birth control?

Symptoms: tired, nauseated, smell making me sick, back hurts

Doctor: Hi!! Nexplanon is a type of long acting reversible contraception and It is one of the most effective forms of birt h control. You didnot mention in your question how long you are using it?? Mostly Nexplanon is effective for 3 years. Depending on your need (for how long you need contraception) you can opt for other methods also. Other long acting reversible contraception methods are Mirena and para guard , Mirena is a hormonal type effective for five years and para guard non hormonal type effective for 5-10years. But remember no birth control is right for everyone and there are risks associated with each type. As your test results are negative but u feel like you are pregnant it’s better to consult your gynaecologist and take the required tests done and if possible you can change the contraception on the doctors advice.