Night pain in the back

Patient: Hi i am 55 year old female i started having pain in my lower right side of my back a month ago i went to the urgent care and they sent me to the hospital because they thought it might be diverticuosis but nothing showed on the cat scan so i bought a new mattress the pain is only at night when i sleep im fine during the day when i wake in the morning i go to the bathroom number two and i feel great what could be wrong

Symptoms: Symptoms are back pain at night

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your back pain that occurs when you lay flat at night is due to strain of the muscles of your back, which become tight and painful upon waking. As you awake and move around, the muscles begin to loosen and relief of this pain ensues. It is possible to treat this pain by trying to apply some lumbar support to your back while you rest. This can be achieved by folding a small towel or using a small pillow to place behind your knees as you lay flat. This will take pressure off your lower back, reducing the strain on these muscles while you sleep. Furthermore, applying a heating bad to your back can also assist in loosening these muscles. If this does not assist in easing your back pain, then you may benefit from taking oral analgesic medication to assist alleviating the pain.This pain could also be related to your inflammatory gastrointestinal problem. The inflammation that takes place in your gastrointestinal system as you rest at night may be causing you back pain, which is relieved after using the toilet. In order to determine if this is the case, please follow up with your doctor to continue the investigations to diagnose what the exact cause of your gastrointestinal problem wishes you a rapid recovery.