Night sweats for the past 9 months, what could be the cause?

Patient: Recently I have been having excessive night sweats, to the point where my clothes and the blankets are soaked. This has been happening for the past 9 nights now. I’ve never had this type of problem before. Im 24 year old female in relatively good health. I have also been feeling sick- bad fever, freezing cold,diarreha, and coughing and a strange cramp like pain which started out in my lower right back, moved to my stomach, and now returned to my back. The Pain was severe for a couple of days, but has started to let up a little. I still continue to have the night sweats and the diarrea and coughing. What could be wrong with me?

Doctor: It is common to experience night sweats from time to time. However, persistent night sweat sweats may reflect a more ser ious underlying pathology. Since you’ve been experiencing symptoms of cough, backache, fever and diarrhea, I would suggest that you see your doctor for a through evaluation. It is important to rule out and underlying disease such as infections (pneumonia, tuberculosis), lymphoma, leukemia, weakened immune system and hyperthyroidism.