Nine years post corrective scoliosis surgery

Patient: I had a corrected scoliosis surgery when i was 12, I am now 21. Spinal fusion with instrumentation is what I had done. I have a 1yr old and stil have some baby flab. I know from prior workouts that some exercises are hard to impossible due to not being able to curve my spine, ( only able to bend from the waist) No more slouching, I have perfect posture all the time. What are some ab exercises I can do? thank you , you can email me [email protected]




Doctor: The exercise routine should be customized for each case in particular, and you should not go beyond your own limits and capabilities. You do not need to bend or curve too much your spine to perform affective abs, just lay down on a firm surface, with your knees bended, feet flat on the ground with the heels close to the buttocks and lift your torso about 30-40 degree off the floor, doing 3-4 series of 10-20 repetitions.

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