No control over bladder.

Patient: I went to the er today and they told me that i had urinary incontinence due to a surgery that i had last month on my leg. they said the best way to deal with it is to wear diapers until i see a urologist. what is your opinion?

Symptoms: No control over urine.

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask the Doctor.Thank you for the query.It is possible that some nerve or structure that control s urination got damaged in the surgery. There are a 2 types of Urinary incontinence-1. Stress incontinence2. Urge incontinenceStress incontinence happens when you sneeze or cough. This increases the pressure in the bladder and causes urination. If this is due to nerve damage, it is possible to heal after some time.Urge incontinence happens when a person urinates as soon as he feels the urge to urinate. He cannot hold it any longer. In this, you can attempt partial treatment by keeping your bladder empty by drinking a little lesser water, avoiding diuretics like beer and coffee and urinating every 30 minutes.You may have to wear a diaper at night, however. I think you should talk to a Urologist to reach a diagnosis.I hope this helps.