No diabetes medications

Patient: “Hi , my friend has diabetes and has been feeling low with it she has also been feeling dizzy because of it, she has no medication for it and is meant to take dispersible aspirin 75mg but has run out of those what can she do to feel better ?”

Symptoms: Dizziness, Light headedness, urinating frequently (more often at night) need sweet food, mouth dry oftenly

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If you do not have any of your friend’s diabetes medication and her symptoms are getting w orsened, please take them to the hospital immediately. They may be requiring medication or glucose infusion in order to stabilize their condition.Thank you for choosing

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Guest: I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 7Months ago from my Nurse practiciner at the VA, Nothing was explained and no medication or testing equiptment offered, I saw her recently for another matter and she asked what my sugar leval was, how could I know. Should I be concerned about not receiving treatment?