No eardrum and a stuffy nose when flying

Patient: Hello!I’m flying to greece in two days (3 hour flight, I have to change once) and I’ve had blocked nose for a while. I take decongestants to try and unblock it but it keeps blocking. I also have no eardrum at all and have a surgery in November.So now I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to fly? Last year, I flew for the first time, my nose was blocked and I think I still had my eardrum. I experienced aerosinusitis and pain was awful while descending, no pain during takeoff.This year. One nostril is cleared but the right one keeps getting blocked. I’m planning on drinking lots of water, I’ll take a painkiller before takeoff, I’ll use decongestants and I’ll chew a gum.So am I going to experience pain in forehead despite having no eardrum and of so, what are the best preparations to try to ease the pain?I really need your help since I’m terrified of flying after that horrible pain I had last year.Also is aerosinusitis in any way dangerous? I also have heart problems (arrhythmia but I had a surgery and I only experience abnormal rhythm few times a week).Thank you!

Symptoms: I have a stuffy nose, decongestants don’t help much, my eardrum is rotten and gone (in the right ear).
I couldn’t write more in the question section. I know it might not be the best category but if I pressed general it didn’t work and I also really need your help since I’m terrified of the flight.