No effect after Radiesse

Patient: Hello, I had a single syringe of Radiesse injected to correct some minor Nasolabial folds and marionette lines. At my appointment the injector assessed my face and told me that one syringe would be more than enough as I am only 31 and again she said my lines were minimal. In fact, during the injections she had some left over and offered to inject it in an old scar I have. Well it’s been 5 days. All of the swelling is gone and my face looks identical to before. (pictured top before_bottom after) Why would the injections have ZERO results? I would have been fine getting another syringe if she thought I needed it but she never said I did. My face feels completely normal like I never had anything done. What are my options? should I talk to the injector? I feel like this was a waste of time and money and am upset that if there was left over Radiesse she injected it in an area other than my problem areas

Symptoms: No results

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