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Patient: Good day, I am a sickler by birth. I started having priapisms since I was 23 yrs old. I was managing it on my own by exercising and taking pain relieving drugs when it comes. My main problem started in November 2009 when I had the most painful priapism ever. It lasted for one week while I was being put under drugs to see if it would come down. Unfortunately, it did not. I underwent a medical surgery and my penis came back to normal. Within few months i recovered from the pains but only to notice that my erection was totally gone. I can’t even have little erection anymore. I immediately went to the surgeon and explained to him and he told me that it would take a long time for me recover from the damage that was done by the priapism. I have waited for more than one year and still cant have erection. Please what else can I do. My erection is gone like that. I need solution to restore my erection. Thank You.

Doctor: One of the complications of priapism is persistent erectile dysfunction. The single most important factor in determining the development of this complication is the time to treatment after symptoms appear. Unfortunately, I suspect that the damage that was done by the priapism cannot be repaired. However, there are medications and treatments that can help you to achieve an erection. You should speak to your doctor and decide which of these medications would be best for you. Some of the options include:Vacuum DevicesMedications such as Viagra and  CialisPenile ImplantsInjection TherapyEach as varying advantages and disadvantages. You will need to speak with a urologist about which is best suited for you.

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